Areas of


  • Recent Injuries (including concussions, muscles, joints & bones)
  • Chronic Tendon Injuries (for example rotator cuff tendon injuries)
  • Treatment of Osteoarthritis (knees, shoulders, hands & feet)

Medical conditions


  • Sport and fitness related injuries
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Concussion evaluation & management
  • Spine pain (low back or neck pain)

Recent Injury
Walk-in Wednesdays


To get you back to your activity as soon as possible, come see us on Walk-in Wednesdays without an appointment for injuries that have started within the past 6 weeks.

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Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation


Sports medicine treats and prevents the injuries that occur from participation in sport and physical activity. A person with an injury will be given treatment options and guidance on how to stay active while their injury is being treated. Staying active enables the person with the injury to return to their desired level of activity sooner.


Learn more about our expertise in restoring movement and function to those disabled by disease or injury.