Traumatologist orthopedic surgeon doctor examining middle aged man patient to determine injury pain mobility and to diagnose medical treatment in leg knee meniscus cartilage ankle and foot injury.

Sports Medicine Physician Assessment

Sports medicine physician assessment allows for rapid diagnosis of your injury. A personalized treatment plan will be developed at the initial visit. This may include treatment of the injury, prevention of further injury and maintenance of ongoing physical activity while the injury heals. Treatment options will be discussed to allow you to individualize the plan that works best for you!



Our sport physiotherapists will restore function, strength, flexibility and balance by using a combination of exercise, manual therapy, and therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, IFC and muscle stimulation to return you as soon as is appropriate.


GLA:D™ Osteoarthritis Program

The Sports Medicine Centre of Excellence is proud to be one of the first clinics in the area to offer the GLA:D™ Canada program, which is for all people with osteoarthritis (OA).
Pioneered in Denmark and brought to Canada, the implementation of the program is currently being funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The program is lead by our chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Romanelli.
GLA:D™ Canada is an eight-week education and exercise program for those with stiff and/or painful knees and/or hips, or with those with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis.
Research from GLA:D in Denmark showed participants reported less pain, reduced use of pain medications, missed fewer days of work, and increased their physical activity levels.
The first step is to have an assessment with Dr. Romanelli to ensure you are likely to benefit for the program. Then participants will receive two educational sessions and register online with the GLA:D program. Baseline tests will be conducted . The neuromuscular exercise sessions will then take place twice weekly (one-hour each) over the course of six weeks.
The class is limited to six participants due to the specialized nature of the program, and to offer each participant feedback when performing the exercises. We use a rolling recruitment, to allow people to start at any time, so call us today!
Helpful links:
GLA:D Canada website


Shockwave Therapy

At the Sports Medicine Centre of Excellence, we offer radial shockwave therapy which has been shown to be highly effective at treating a variety of tendon injuries and plantar fasciitis. The shockwaves stimulate a healing response.

Levitation is the world's first powerful bionic knee extension assist brace

Levitation ® 2

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Levitation ® 2 is the world’s first powerful “bionic” knee extension assist brace. It is the only knee brace designed to support body weight and assist knee joint extension to reduce pressure throughout all three compartments of your knee — an effect known as “tri-compartment unloading”. Levitation’s patented “bionic” hinge powers your leg muscles so you can work harder, play longer, and do more than you ever thought possible. Levitation stores energy as you bend your leg and returns that energy to assist with leg extension. Independent research has shown that Levitaton’s powerful knee extension assist enhances natural movement while decreasing knee joint contact forces to a level that would be achieved by losing over 40 lbs of body weight. Whether you’re living with osteoarthritis or recovering from a knee injury, our bionic knee braces can help relieve pain and improve mobility.


Custom Knee Bracing

The Sports Medicine Centre for Excellence will fit you with a knee brace that has been designed to fit your knee and address the problem with your knee if this is appropriate. Some of the more common reasons for a custom knee brace include an injury to a ligament (ACL, MCL, LCL or PCL),  meniscus, or osteoarthritis. These braces are covered by most insurance plans. We will ensure you get the right brace for your injury and sport or activity.

an emergency dextrose injection for medical patients with low blood sugar.

Prolotherapy Injections

Dextrose (a naturally occurring sugar) and a local anesthetic are injected into the injured tissue. This injection causes an inflammatory reaction that generates a healing response. Typically, these injections are used after other methods have not yielded satisfactory results.


Off the shelf Bracing

Some injuries require support or protection to speed healing or to allow you to return to your activities sooner. At the Sports Medicine Centre for Excellence, we carry a wide selection of high quality braces. If you require a different brace, we will measure you, order the brace and have it within 3 business days usually. We check that the brace is appropriate, fits well and answer your questions.

Closeup table medical centrifuge

Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Injections

Plasma rich platelet (PRP) injection is a cutting edge procedure that harnesses the body’s ability to heal by concentrating platelets and growth factors and then injecting them back into the same person’s injured body part. This requires drawing a small amount of blood from the injured person, spinning the blood in a centrifuge, and then injecting the blood into injured part. This is typically used for osteoarthritis and tendon injuries. Research supports the use of PRP for the treatment of mild osteoarthritis. Research studies where PRP is used to treat tendon injuries are ongoing.

Ultrasound-Guided Injections

Ultrasound-guided injections have been shown to improve accuracy of injections. We commonly perform these injections to knees, shoulders, ankles, hips, feet, elbows, wrists, and hands.


Steroid Injections

For certain conditions, a cortisone injection may bring relief quickly with its strong anti-inflammatory properties. These benefits must be carefully weighed against the potential for harm. After the pain has improved, it is important to strengthen the surrounding muscles.


Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Hyluaronic acid injections are used for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and other joints. Hyluaronic acid is found naturally in joint fluid but with osteoarthritis the joint fluid becomes less viscous (less thick). These injections increase the viscosity (increases the thickness) of the joint fluid.


Therapy Supplies

We carry Thera-band and KT tape to help you stay active.


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in China and has been shown to relieve pain in studies. Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles at specific locations in the body.